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ANHEDONIST 'Netherwards' cassette and PORTAL 'Vexovoid' and 'Swarth' cassettes now available! NIGHTFELL 'The Living Ever Mourn' lp/cs and SYMPTOM 'Cavers of Katebasis' lp now at press

Up next… THE HOWLING WIND 'Of Babalon' lp, LOSS 'Despond' cassette, SHROUD OF THE HERETIC 'Revelations in Alchemy' cassette, IMPETUOUS RITUAL 'Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence' cassette (co release with Darkness Attack) ALDEBARAN 'Embracing the Lightless Depths' 2lp, ANHEDONIST 'Netherwards' lp repress, ALDEBARAN 'Dwellers in Twilight' cassetteFor those who live in Portland I have a huge amount of vinyl, shirts, cassettes and patches at the new BLACKWATER RECORDS location, 223 n.e. Russell. I will be restocking the store every week so all my releases and distro items will also be available there. Support!

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